Music, Color and Medicine is the Essence of God’s True Religion.
— Elijah Muhammad

Queen De is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist out of Phoenix, Arizona. A Southern California native, Queen De’s music carries with it the same chill vibes and iconic sounds that have made the region famous in the hip-hop world. Still, her music represents a fresh and exciting new voice, delivering messages of empowerment and positive living!

For almost every artist, music has a special meaning. What makes a particular artist special is the way they are able to share that meaning with the world. For Queen De, music has always been an expression of freedom. She began by writing poems in middle school, drawn to the ability to express herself. By allowing Queen De to understand and learn from her own emotions, writing simultaneously allowed Queen De to open herself up to the world. As these poems turned more complex, they slowly and progressively developed enough rhythm to be rapped. The transition was natural because Queen De has always been inclined towards music.


Her grandmother was a music teacher and Queen De had been a part of school music programs her entire life. As a young artist, Queen De was inspired by the empowering vibes from some of the biggest female rappers past and present, including Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifa, and Roxanna Shante. The “Queen vibes” of these artists helped her to choose her stage name, Queen De.

Now, the up-and-coming hip-hop artist Queen De is determined to carry on the legacy of the brave and powerful female acts before her. Empowerment and positivity drive her artistic career. Not only does Queen De write these messages into her lyrics, but she has also began studying sound engineering in order to take control of every aspect of her music. The result is a vibe of absolute confidence in her music. The track that listeners here is truly authentic, and it is the result of hard work, dedication, and passion.

Outside of music, Queen De has two children and is a registered nursed—each are experiences that have deeply impacted her outlook and positivity in life. Queen De plans to release her first ever single in late spring 2019. Like the rest of her music, this song will be fun, sassy, and something to dance to!